Governor Kemp Gives Teachers a $125 Allowance to Help Meet Class Costs

ATLANTA, Georgia. (CBS46) – Teachers at Holly Springs Elementary School in Douglasville have completed final preparations for the first day of school next week.

And with inflation soaring this year, it’s costing fourth-grade teacher Cathy Winslett dearly.

“There are a lot of things on our Amazon list, our personal list, and we have a checklist at Walmart and we know what we want, we just don’t always have the means to access it right now,” Winslett. said.

According to a nationwide survey from AdoptAClassroom.orgteachers spend an average of $750 out of pocket on school supplies.

“Probably if I had to do a workaround, maybe $800 is something that comes out of my pocket and I put it right into my classroom for my students,” Winslett said.

To help offset some of the costs, Gov. Brian Kemp announced Friday a $125 surcharge for every public school teacher.

“I have great confidence in what our educators are doing to ensure our schools are ready,” the governor said. Kemp said.

Back in January, he offered teachers a $125 grant. The $250 aid is a small chink in most teachers’ budgets, but it’s still appreciated.

“So when I got the news, I was ecstatic. Any grant or help to moderate what we are already putting into our classes from our personal funds is always very interesting,” Winslett said. “So when you get any kind of grant or supplement, it is immediately used and used well.”