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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has created the worst information environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in softening the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in the comments. None of us need more support and repetition of unlinked memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value pom-poms without links will be ruthlessly destroyed.

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Restoring the collective mind Red pepper

Mutual Aid Groups Established During COVID Gather To Grow Influence Regionally Truth


Youth climate change lawsuits are a tactic to hold governments accountable Against Vogue. Hero V. Montana. A similar case Yuliana s. United Statesis hung up standing. NOTES Table of climatic cases looks like a useful resource.

Rapidly declining battery costs accelerate prospects for all-electric inter-regional container shipping Nature

River cruise ship evacuated due to possible battery explosion Marine performer


As I say all the time, “Democidal elites” is a parsimonious explanation.”

Biden’s infection and the horrific reality of “eternal COVID” WSWS. There must be a “terrifying, constructed” reality.

COVID is evolving rapidly. Why is there no response to this? (interview) Eric Topol, New York Magazine

Anthony Fauci wants to leave behind the politicization of Covid Politico

* * *

ImmunoPET probe for SARS-CoV-2 detects early infection of the genital tract of male rhesus monkeys. (preprint) bioRxuv. Press release. From the abstract: “Remarkably, a robust signal was observed in the male genital tract (MGT) of all three animals studied. MGT infection was confirmed by immunofluorescence imaging of infected cells, and severe pathology was observed in the testes of one animal 2 weeks after infection…. We provide direct evidence of SARS-CoV-2 MGT infection in rhesus monkeys, revealing the possible pathological consequences of virus replication at these sites.” I’m sure the Biden administration’s top-notch COVID-19 marketing team will pick it up right away.

* * *

Austria mourns suicide of doctor attacked by COVID vaccine campaigners Reuters


Biden administration blames local authorities for monkeypox response Hill

Human infection with monkeypox virus in 16 countries – April-June 2022 NEZHM. From the discussion: “Transmission of the monkeypox virus occurs by airborne droplets, by close or direct contact with skin lesions, and possibly through infected fomites.”


Taiwan is not mentioned in US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tour of Asia. South China Morning Post.

China threatens to retaliate for Pelosi’s Taiwan trip by allowing her to return safely Onion

China announces military exercises in Taiwan Strait german wave

A Long History of Standing Up to Beijing Nancy Pelosi BBC

* * *

The South China Sea claims:

China’s claims – modulo questions about brute force – are crazy tunes. If in Vietnam. It is interesting, however, to see how China is surrounded by Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and to the north by the Korean Peninsula and, of course, Japan. Perhaps the Taiwan patch has more to do with China’s access to the great waters of the Pacific Ocean than anything else. (Yes, of course, there are tiny islands in China’s path that no wonder we’re acting stupid.)

Shrinking China cannot overtake America Foreign policy


Growing mountain of bills hits India’s energy bloomberg


Iran may export auto parts, gas turbines to Russia Bag. Such turbines?

Iran is trying to turn the Saudis against the US. It won’t work. bloomberg

New not-so-cold war

Volodymyr Zelensky called for the evacuation of the Donetsk region to avoid “Russian terror” Le Monde. “Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk announced earlier that the entire population of the Donetsk region was evacuated.” Operational issues: how many people are left, how many will want to leave, how they will be evacuated and where they will go. Of one thing we can be sure: Ukraine will be quite happy to mix the evacuation of civilians with the retreating soldiers (and perhaps this is the essence of the order).

* * *

Regime instability in Kyiv? Gordon Khan

Nord Stream gas scandal deepens as Gazprom files new turbine complaints euronews

Now Russia is halting gas supplies to Latvia amid a growing energy panic in Europe after supplies to Poland, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark were cut off and some cities shut down to conserve power. daily mail

* * *

Lloyds to insure vessels with military grain in the Ukrainian maritime corridor gCaptain

Ukraine needs solutions, not endless war national interest

Russian offensive, Ukraine inflation crisis, Blinken talks with Lavrov, Pelosi flies to Taiwan (video) Alexander Merkuris, YouTube. Scream in NC at 5:00.

Biden administration

Sinema indicates she may want to change the Schumer-Manchin deal Axios

SEC Enriches Fraudsters And Lawyers With Secret Advice Program Bloomberg’s law

Capitol Capitol

Democrats hope DOJ will hold Trump accountable after Mueller disappointment Hill. Any stick to beat the dog.


Biden’s Poverty in the Medium Term as Key Economy Indicator Marks Loss of 30 Seats bloomberg

The Utah Independent Who Might Have the Formula to Beat Trumpism Politico


Boeing Receives FAA Clearance to Resume Deliveries of 787 Dreamliner bloomberg

sports table

Former Gov. Phil Bryant Submitted to Court in Social Security Fraud Case Involving Brett Favre, USM Mississippi Free Press (DCBlogger).

zeitgeist watch

Ticket Bought in Illinois Wins $1.337 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot star-telegram

Think your street needs a redesign? Ask the AI Bloomberg. Don’t ask him anything. Kill him with fire. (However, I should note that the DALL-E rollout was very effective from a marketing standpoint.)

Imperial crumbling clock

What the presidents say doesn’t matter. It’s the execution of the policy that matters. Moon of Alabama. Greetings NC.

We blew it London Review of Books. Oil geopolitics. Worth reading.

Most US F-35s land temporarily as ejection seat problem threatens jets around the world BBC Times (Re Silc). You’ll need an ejection seat when the F-35 goes up in flames, so that’s bad.

Guillotine clock

Intel Cuts $4 Billion Factory Construction Costs to Pay Billions in Dividends Semianalysis (MP). “It’s a shame that Intel has decided to cut factory construction while simultaneously pleading with the US government for subsidies through the Chip Act and committing itself to increasing its dividend.”

class war

Bank of America memo released: ‘We hope’ conditions for American workers will get worse Interception

Eddie Dempsey says pure meaning (video) PoliticsJOE, YouTube (MarkT).

Please tell me this is a parody

Uncovering the connection between smell and memories Nature

Moral panics come and go. Sex bracelet hysteria forever. Ringer

Artemis with us London Review of Books

How a near-death experience can change your life NPR. News you can use!

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