Sadie Sink Recalls Nearly Losing Her Role as Max in ‘Stranger Things’

Sadie Sink received near universal praise for her portrayal of Max Mayfield in “very strange thingsbut the show’s creative team apparently treated her with surprise at first.

Speaking with fashion magazineThe actress spoke about her audition process for the second season of the hit Netflix series. In an interview, she revealed that the casting directors first told her that she was too “old” for the role, even though she was only 14 at the time.

However, Sink was not easily held back, commenting that the role of Max felt “right” to her.

“I just begged and begged them to give me more material so I could show them something new,” she said.

In the end, the producers decided to call her for a chemical analysis with other actors. Gaten Matarazzo as well as Caleb McLaughlinwho play Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair respectively in the series.

The next day, the part was washed again.

“Honestly, my life has been a bit like a coming-of-age movie,” Sadie Sink said.
“Honestly, my life has been a bit like a coming-of-age movie,” Sadie Sink said.

Kevin Winter via Getty Images

Now 20, Sink was hardly new to acting when she auditioned for Stranger Things. Texas native made her Broadway debut in a production of Annie in 2012, and successfully transitioned to television the following year with a guest role on the FX seriesAmericans“.

In 2021, she joined the horror film franchise “street of fearas Ziggy Berman. This fall, she can be seen alongside Brendan Fraser in Darren Aronofsky’s film.WHALE“.

Elsewhere in her fashion interview, Sink reflected on the unexpected challenges of spending most of her teenage years in the spotlight.

“It’s such a strange and specific situation that Stranger Things and I find ourselves in because the world knows who our characters are, but we’re still trying to figure out who we are as humans,” she explained. “I think working in the industry speeds you up and you mature faster. But for the most part, it’s so much fun because all the actors go through it together.”

She then remarked, “Honestly, my life has been a bit like a coming-of-age movie.”