A pit bull rides a horse in Sydney’s Centenary Park

An out-of-control dog lunges at a horse in a Sydney city park, dodging desperate attempts by passers-by to catch it.

The wild scene was filmed at Centennial Park on Saturday when the horse and its handler were interrupted while walking on a dedicated racetrack.

The massive white pit bull was filmed circling the large animal and hopping towards it several times as people unsuccessfully tried to grab the dog.

Trying to dodge the naughty animal, the horse moved in circles, barely avoiding trampling the dog.

In the video, a shocked viewer filming the ordeal can be heard expressing disbelief at what they see.

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As the horse whipped in circles and the pit bull ran back and forth between her legs, the woman grew more and more worried, saying, “Damn. Oh my God.”

The large animal appeared to kick the dog several times but made no contact.

It turned out that the dog was grabbed by its owner, who managed to grab her by the collar.

A witness posted a video on Facebook with a compelling message for dog owners, telling users that she saw “a pit bull without a leash and the two owners couldn’t control him as he intended to attack the horse.”

“After the incident, both owners left without an apology or details and got into the car,” she wrote.

“All dogs must be on a leash and owners must be held accountable when their dog attacks others.”

The video received over 300 comments from locals who were shocked that the aggressive dog had lost its leash, and even more so that no one was hurt by it or the horse.

“There are so many things that could go wrong – helpers could get hit on the head trying to grab the dog. I was sick of watching this,” wrote one person.

“I am sick to death of people who keep dogs off leash and have no control over them. Poor horse, I hope he didn’t get bitten. I hope the owner of this dog gets a big fine,” wrote another.

Although dogs may be off-leash in large areas of Centennial Park, they must be properly secured on the paths, including where the video was filmed.

The witness said the trainer said her rangers were aware of the incident and provided video footage. She said she thought “the Rangers would most likely issue a fine.”

“This is the least that should happen given what could have been scenarios with so many child riders frequenting the park on weekends,” the woman wrote.

News.com.au has contacted Centennial Parklands for comment and requested confirmation as to whether the dog’s owner will be fined.

Originally published as Enraged pit bull jumped on a horse in Sydney Park