Autonomous beverage and snack vehicle being tested in Chiba

Japan is definitely a country full of vending machines. It is said that for every 34 people who live here, there is one vending machine.

Kyocera Communication Systems is currently working on an unmanned vending machine on wheels, so to speak. The as yet unnamed car is about the size of a very small car: 2.5 meters long, 1.3 meters wide and up to two meters high.

Photo: PR Times

Without a driver, it will cruise along a predetermined route through the streets of the city, especially in areas where it may be needed, such as public parks or residential complexes. After being stocked with hot or cold drinks and temperature-sensitive snacks such as chocolate and jelly, it will move at about 15 kilometers per hour and sell its goods through an attached touchpad and smartphone payment system.

With the cooperation of the City of Chiba and the approval of the Kanto Transportation Bureau, this small car will travel around Wakaba 3-Chome in Chiba five days a week, including weekends, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

It will first sweep around the perimeter of the Aeon Style Makuhari Bay Park mall, then circle around the cigar-shaped Wakaba 3-Chome park, and pass the large condominium complexes on either side of it.

However, since this is a trial run, service times will be irregular and trips will be canceled in inclement weather or if the vehicle needs maintenance. In addition, despite the fact that the vehicle is autonomous, it will be constantly monitored and immediately blocked in case it is about to have an accident or be hijacked by looters.

However, while it lasts, the Kyocera diner will certainly bring an extra touch of high-tech convenience to an already very convenient country.

Source: PR Times

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