Digital Realty acquires majority stake in Teraco

Teraco Data Environments announced the successful completion of a previously announced Digital Realty agreement to acquire a majority stake in the company from a consortium of investors including Berkshire Partners and Permira.

Digital Realty is the largest global provider of cloud and carrier independent data center, colocation and internetwork solutions. Upon completion of the acquisition, Teraco will be known as Teraco: a digital real estate company.

The Teraco acquisition adds South Africa to three Digital Realty markets on the continent, including Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria.

“The strategic importance of these four markets has been enhanced by the recent and ongoing deployment of new submarine cable networks encircling Africa. Combined with high-speed Digital Realty facilities, customers now have access to a selection of strategic connectivity and interconnection platforms that serve every corner of the African market,” the group said in a statement.

The group said Teraco, as South Africa’s largest and most closely interconnected data center platform, is supporting the rapid growth of the continent’s Internet community through its expanding portfolio of data centers.

Teraco’s experienced management team, growing multinational client base, quality infrastructure and ownership of NAPAfrica, the largest Internet exchange point on the continent, are key differentiators that have enabled the company to grow steadily.

“Africa is poised to remain a fast growing region with high demand for data center solutions. Our combined diversified platform will enable us to further support our customers in the pan-African region and globally,” said Jan Hnizdo, CEO of Teraco.

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