Mont Blanc alert as France’s heatwave causes more frequent rockfalls

Non-professional climbers are urged to stay away from the French Mont Blanc as the intense heat causes more frequent rockfalls.

Mountain guides are limiting scheduled trips to the highest point of the Alps as the third summer heat wave hits France.

They say access to the 4,800-meter peak is becoming too dangerous due to repeated rockfalls linked to drought caused by extreme climates.

High temperatures have narrowed and destabilized Mont Blanc’s already dangerous paths, and the crevasses are also a growing threat.

All seven routes to the top of the mountain remain open, but amateur climbers are urged to stay away.

Evan Worden, a Scottish tourist who visited the Aiguille summit base on Sunday, said he found “terrible” conditions.

“Everywhere we went there were constant rockfalls and cracks that kept opening up,” Warden said.

Norwegian couple Monika and Marten Antheun have said their travel company has canceled a planned Mont Blanc climb due to dangerous conditions.

“The guide sent us an email and the climb was canceled due to the weather. I think the guides understand the terrain and the conditions. It’s normal for us, we can do it later,” Anteun said.

Elsewhere in the Italian Dolomites, a 200m fissure formed on the Marmolada glacier in July.

two weeks earlier, deadly avalanche of ice and debris kills at least 11 people when a huge piece of the glacier broke off. Experts say warming is to blame.