Neighbors blame animal rescuers for recent skunk problem

Corpus Christie, Texas. Members of the District Guard in the Saxet Heights area are increasingly concerned about the number of skunks that have been sighted lately. Several of the skunk neighbors were aggressive and created problems for their lifestyle.

“He doesn’t understand why the people who normally love him run away from him,” Robert McCurdy said of his dog Vedo.

Every morning, McCurdy goes to his coffee patio and that’s where he and Vedo encountered the skunk.

“Last Wednesday, when he went out with me, a skunk sprayed him,” McCurdy said. “So I had to find a way to wash it and get rid of that smell. Then again (Wednesday) he was sprayed again (Wednesday).”

McCurdy isn’t the only one dealing with skunks lately. Others said they came face to face.

Estella Sanders said she saw a lot of skunks from her window as they tried to climb into her trash cans.

“I don’t know what to do to protect my grandson other than keep him in the house,” Sanders said. “Is this fair for me and is it fair for him?”

“There are neighbors who have never seen skunks in the area. 65 years no skunks,” said Scott Harris, another worried neighbor.

These neighbors, I think, know what the problem is. There is a wildlife rescue service next door.

The owner of the shelter declined to be interviewed, but told KRIS 6 News that she takes care of animals such as skunks, squirrels, opossums and others. She has done this in several places over the years.

“There’s really only one person that has skunks or keeps skunks, and now they’re rampaging through the area and affecting residents, they’re affecting other pets,” Harris said.

“These skunks can’t come from anywhere else,” said a worried citizen who declined to give her real name. “It’s obvious given the time on her Facebook page and the time the skunks first appeared in this story.” area.

But… the owner of the wildlife shelter said she never released her animals back into the area. According to her, they are taken to other animal shelters or far outside the city.

The same concerned citizen said they needed the help of wildlife rescuers to solve their problem.

“Help us get the skunks out of the area and relocate them for us,” the concerned citizen said. “We don’t know how to do this. I tagged her. I tried to contact her via message and tagged her in it.”

All the neighbors who spoke to KRIS 6 News said they had never seen the owner of the rescue home with her animals in person. They only saw her posts on social media.

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