Zvane promises “Chifs” stylish football, but “no show”

New Kaizer Chiefs coach Artur Zvane insists that one of his priorities at Naturena is getting the team back to his style of play.

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Stylish and a bit racy, that’s what Zvane’s Amahoshi fans can expect, but without the show or unnecessary gimmicks.

“The Kaizer Chiefs have had their own style of play for a long time. Time passed, and different coaches came, and this was somewhat lost. But this is what we are now trying to return,” Zvane said.

He says the team has a group of young players who will fit into the mold of how he wants the team to play. Zvane said there are also special players on the Chiefs reserve team who need to be looked after properly.

“There are players like Mfundo (Vilakazi), and not only him, we do not limit their expression. I repeat once again, ostentatiousness will not help us in any way,” Zvane explained.

“Our reserve team just recently won the (DStv) Diski Shield. And Mfundo is one of the scorers. If you look at the goal he scored, he was amazing.

“But if he had taken the ball and done the tricks first, we wouldn’t have scored that goal. This shows that he has the ability to score goals at his young age. He can also take on players,” mentor Amahoshi said.

“He is a special player and that is why we are working on him now because we want to prepare him well and not rush him. We have heard people say that he is so good that he can play in the first team. But he has a long way to go.

“He and others are in a special program that ensures that when the time comes, the transition to the first team will be smoother for them,” Zvane said.