A guitar-shaped house is up for sale in Fayetteville.

ATLANTA, Georgia. (CBS46) – A home for sale in Fayetteville is drawing nationwide attention due to its unique shape.

Guitar-shaped house listed real estate market in Fayetteville, Georgia for $789,000.

A photo of the house was also posted on Instagram. “Zillow Gone Crazy” and got almost 40,000 likes.

According to the specified owner Julia and partnersthe five-bedroom, four-bath home has a backstory that explains its musical design.

“I promise you have never seen this before! “Guitar House” is ready to receive a real connoisseur! The unique shape and floor plan will amaze you! It was designed as a guitar by the company Country singer Elvis L. Carden. It was not only his home, but also his muse! One of his albums is called Life on an Old Guitar.

According to the listing, the site also has mature fruit trees, including pears and figs.