A Manatee County resident rescued a puppy that was in a plastic bag in the middle of the road.

LAMANTIA COUNTY, Florida. (WWSB) – Nick Zotto faced a big surprise early this morning. A small puppy that was in a plastic trash bag on a road in Hardy County.

“I see this black bag in the middle of the road, I see that something is moving slowly in it,” Zotto said. “I park the car on the side of the road, go to the bag. I take out my knife, open the bag, and there is a little puppy in it.

Zotto was driving home to Manatee County after his shift as deputy. After waiting for the control of the animals, he decided to take the puppy home with him. The former NYC cop says he sees better and worse situations every day, and the same goes for finding this dog.

“He was very happy, we brought him home,” Zotto said. “At first he was very nervous, now he has integrated, he is great.”

Zotto says his wife and three children fell in love with the puppy. They named him Chance.

“He had a puppy in his hands, the puppy was the cutest,” said Carly Zotto, Nick’s wife. “I felt terrible, he was dark and all in black, he was so cute, but he was so scared.”

Chance was just taken to the vet on Friday and is doing well. The vet told the family that he was about 8 weeks old and an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix.

“I don’t really consider myself a hero, I was just playing at the time,” Zotto said. “I’m happy to give him a home where he belongs.”

Zotto also has a dog shelter, so they say Chance continues to fit in nicely with his new home.

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