exampur: upGrad acquires Noida-based exam preparation provider Exampur

Above educational technologies Platform up hail said on Tuesday that he had acquired Exampurprovider of exam preparation services for government positions, for an undisclosed amount.

Noida-based learning platform Exampur aims to reach Rs 70 crore (nearly $7.5 million) in revenue this fiscal year.

The platform, founded in 2018 by Vivek Kumar and Vardan Gandhi, has over 10 million users.

“We have built a comprehensive learning portfolio for our students, and within this matrix, we view exam preparation as a potential growth driver,” said Gaurav Kumar, upGrad’s president of corporate development.

“I am confident that their daily live delivery capabilities with over 200 teachers through his channel are set to redefine learning local languages ​​for a broader youth base,” Kumar added.

Exampur offers more than 200 exam preparation courses for public positions, where most of the content is provided through its YouTube channels for UPSC, SSC, defense, banking, teaching, and other statewide government positions.

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Collectively, Exampur has a growing subscriber base in excess of 12 million, with an average audience of 2.5 million students.

90% of Exampur paid users are Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets.

“We want our students to go the extra mile to understand how to pass such competitive exams and this is where we have created a hybrid learning model with our digital presence,” said Kumar and Gandhi.

Exampur also offers online test series, free quizzes and live scholarship tests.

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