Malherbe does not underestimate the still dangerous All Blacks

springbuck strong defensive midfielder Frans Malherbe is preparing for a tough fight against All black when the teams meet in their rugby championship opening at Mbombela Stadium on Saturday.

It was the opposing performances of the two groups during their upcoming tours in July, with the Bok pack as a whole making a big turnaround against Wales, while the All Blacks pack struggled in their losing streak against Ireland.

Despite this, Malherbe is well aware of the danger of underestimating the guests and believes that they will show their best game at the weekend.

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“I don’t want to point out anything, but this is still an All Blacks fight. It will always be good. I don’t know what else I can say about this,” Malherbe said.

“If you underestimate them, you will be in big trouble. So I think All Black’s fight is right and I don’t think they’re missing anything.

“We’re just trying to focus on getting better. I thought we got better during the Welsh series and last week during our prep camp we focused on keeping improving in our stuff. For me personally, the standard will always be important, and this is my main job.

A special case

Playing in small towns is always a fun event for Boxing and Malherbe is thrilled to see fans turn out in droves on Saturday night for the first ever game against the All Blacks in town.

“I think the fact that this is a home game will be special for us. When you go to places like Nelspruit (Mbombela) or Port Elizabeth (Gkeberha), places where there is not much test rugby, it is always a special place,” said Malherbe.

“People always come out in full force and this weekend at Mbombela Stadium will be great again.

“With the line-up changed and replays in South Africa, obviously this weekend and next week at Ellis Park, it’s going to be huge.”