Mobile game controllers: basic

Sony has partnered with Backbone, a manufacturer of electronic accessories, to create its world’s first mobile controller, the Backbone One. It is essentially a PlayStation controller optimized for mobile devices both in terms of ergonomics and features. The controller was split into two halves to attach to either side of the mobile phone, bringing the screen to the center.

While there are many mobile controllers with this configuration, no official PlayStation layout controllers for mobile have yet been made available. So this controller has a DualSense controller button layout with an additional menu and settings buttons to customize the mobile device. The controllers can be connected to a mobile device wirelessly or via USB-C, after which the mobile device actually turns into a portable game console.

One of the most compelling use cases for Backbone One is the PlayStation Now streaming app, which allows customers to play Sony’s large library of games while on the go. Many of these games require features specific to PlayStation controllers, making the Backbone One a viable option for PlayStation mobile streaming.

Image Credit: Sony, Cameron Faulkner