Uganda: Floods kill at least 24, officials say

Flooding in the areas of Bugisu, Mbale and Kapchorwa on Sunday killed 10 people, the government ministry responsible for aid, disaster preparedness and refugees said in a statement at the Prime Minister’s Office.

But on Monday, the death toll increased even more.

Ugandan Red Cross spokeswoman Irene Nakashita told reporters that rescuers have recovered 21 bodies from Mbale and three more from Kapchorwa so far.

She said a truckload of humanitarian aid was on its way to help displaced people in the affected areas.

Heavy rains come immediately after a long drought across vast areas of the country, as a result of which many areas dried up and crops in the fields burned out.

The eastern region of Uganda is prone to flooding after heavy rains, but the entire country vulnerable to natural disasters. Intense rains in the past have resulted in numerous casualties. More than 30 people died and many others were displaced when floods washed away houses in the eastern district of Budud in 2018. Earlier, in 2010, about 80 people were killed from heavy landslides following a torrential downpour in Budud, one of the worst disasters in Uganda in recent years.
More than 300,000 people have been affected by floods and landslides in the Bududa and Sironko regions, both in eastern Uganda and in Bundibujo in the western region, according to the agency. report at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. An estimated 65,000 people have been displaced, the report said.