UK police say UK army veteran arrested after anti-LGBTQ social media post ’caused concern’: video

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A shocking mobile phone video allegedly shows a police officer in United Kingdom explaining how an army veteran was arrested for an anti-LGBTQ post he posted online that caused someone “anxiety”.

The video was recorded by actor and British Renaissance Party leader Lawrence Fox, who shared a social media meme of the Pride flags morphing into the shape of a swastika. He said the meme was intended as a comment on the authoritarian nature of LGBTQ and transgender activists.

Fox began recording after Hampshire police arrived at the home of 51-year-old British Army veteran Darren Brady, who posted a meme of the swastika on the pride flag online.

“I wish the Hampshire police understood how ridiculous this is,” Fox said from behind the camera. Uniformed Hampshire police officer says, “Why did it have to come to this?”


Hampshire police with army veteran Darren Brady in handcuffs outside his home.

Hampshire police with army veteran Darren Brady in handcuffs outside his home.

What was it supposed to come to? Fox added before veteran in handcuffs chime in.

“I do not understand. I published what he published,” Brady said. “You have come to arrest me. You won’t arrest him. Why has it come to this? Why am I handcuffed because he shared and then I shared?”

“Because someone has clearly caused concern because of your social media posts,” the officer replied. “That’s why you were arrested.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Fox denied that the video lacked any critical context to understand what happened and said: “The great tragedy here is that a veteran of the British Army with a long record of , who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, who proudly served our flag, is now arrested for not worshiping the altar of the sacred Pride flag.”

“This is a terrible arrest by the British Gestapo that british police became,” he added. “Alas, the British police have fallen. They are too interested in signaling virtue and bowing at the altar of wakefulness.”

Harry Miller, himself a former police officer, is reported to have said he was also arrested during the incident after trying to prevent the arrest of ex-servicemen. The Daily Mail reported that Miller won an appeal in December after defying police guidance regarding “hate-motivated incidents”.

The Hampshire Police arrived at Brady’s home to inform him that he could pay to attend an “educational course” instead of turning the complaint into a crime. Brady said he needed time to think things through and then contacted Fox and Miller, who run the Bad Law project, which aims to challenge and depoliticize police practices in the UK. Fox and Miller were present at Brady’s home when the police returned and placed him in jail. under arrest.

Hampshire officer lectures arrested veteran on how social media posts have caused "anxiety."

A Hampshire officer lectures an arrested veteran about how a social media post has caused ‘anxiety’.

In a statement to MailOnline, Hampshire Police said: “When the officers arrived, they were not allowed to enter an address to discuss a possible solution to the matter.”

“As a result, the officers deemed it necessary to arrest the man at the scene so that they could question him in connection with the alleged crime,” the statement said.

Following the incident, Brady tweeted Sunday: “It’s nice to be able to enjoy a Sunday morning in peace without being harassed by the Hampshire police trying to extort money from me or ‘re-educate’ me for sharing a meme online.”

In a separate statement released by The Epoch Times, Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones appeared to denounce their own officers after detention video went viral, writing: “I am concerned about both the proportionality and the need for a police response to this incident.”


“When social media incidents get not one but two police visits, and burglaries and break-ins don’t always get a police response, something is wrong,” she added. “This incident has highlighted a really pressing issue that Hampshire Police and other police forces should learn from.”