US public debt will exceed 185% of GDP

The Congressional Budget Office has warned that US federal debt is expected to rise by 185% over the next 30 years. By 2051, total debt could double US GDP. Not a single politician or embezzler of this debt cares because they are not going to pay it off. The Congressional Budget Office calls this an optimistic forecast, given the previous estimate of debt rising to 202% of GDP by 2051. The point is that no one can predict how much money politicians will continue to spend. Debt servicing will become more expensive over time and is expected to reach 10% of GDP by 2051, 7.4% in 2042 and 5.1% in 2032.

Most do not understand that public debt already at monumental levels. Gross US federal debt to GDP reached 100% by 2012. The ratio remained somewhat unchanged until capitalism hit COVID in 2020 and the GDP-to-debt ratio rose to 128.1%. By December 2021, this figure was 137.2% and continues to grow.

China no longer needs US debt and has begun selling off its assets. With other currencies falling against the dollar, US debt, and all government debt in general, no longer seems like a smart investment. We’ve reached a point where Congress can continue to pass bills and bribe voters with the socialist promises of its latest puppets, because no one cares about America’s future. The US will be the last to collapse, but expect the inevitable as countries, city states, and governments are temporary in the eyes of a father’s time.