A local group broke the world record for the most rounds of minigolf played in 24 hours.

ERLANGER, C. — A local foursome recently broke the record for most mini golf games in 24 hours.

Cole Hetzel, Chris Hetzel, Tony Centers and Bob Schettinger played 116 rounds in one day at the Putt-Putt Leisure Center in Erlanger, near the Dixie Highway. The previous record was set in 2005 by a group from Germany who played 80 rounds in 24 hours.

The four had to comply with some restrictions. They had to go in order, couldn’t start the next hole until everyone had finished the previous hole, and they needed someone to keep track of every shot and every hole.

There were cameras and clocks on the track so Guinness World Records officials could validate the record.

They started playing at 8 am on Sunday and stopped playing on Monday at 8 am, completing 24 consecutive hours at Putt-Putt golf.

The group actually broke the previous record in less than 15 hours, at 10:44 pm on Sunday. However, they played all night long to push the record to 116 rounds.

Cole Hetzel said the group was raising money for Matthew 25: Ministries.

“They’ve done a great job here with the recent tornadoes…and now the flooding in Eastern Kentucky is just bullshit in our community,” Hetzel said.

This is not the first Hetzels world record. Previously, they have completed the longest whilball marathon of 30 consecutive hours and the longest four-square marathon of 30 consecutive hours.

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