According to the study, the shortage of tourism personnel affects 1.2 million jobs in the EU.

In 2022, Italy will be the country most affected by the shortage of tourism workers.

According to a study by the World Travel and Tourism Council, 250,000 workers will be missing this year, meaning one in six vacancies will not be filled.

The hospitality sector and travel agencies are among the hardest hit.

In total, there will be 1.2 million vacancies in the European Union: 71,000 will remain unfilled in France. Among the most affected sectors is aviation, where almost one in three vacancies.

In the UK, 128,000 vacancies remain unfilled. Restaurants and hotels are struggling to find staff, but the British government has so far objected to bringing in temporary workers from abroad.

Portugal, meanwhile, was the least hit by a shortage among those surveyed, with 49,000 vacancies.

But there are ways to attract more workers, the study says.

These include facilitating worker mobility through more favorable visa policies, the possibility of flexible and remote work, the introduction of innovative technology and digital solutions, and the offer of training, skills development programs and employee benefits.