AR Metaverse NFT: jadu nfts

Jadu has announced a series of 11,111 Jadu NFTs, each of which will be tied to a digital avatar in the metaverse. These NFTs are intended to lay the groundwork for a future augmented reality (AR) based metaverse. This series of 11,111 NFTs will be compatible with previous Jadu NFT collections that included virtual accessories such as hoverboards and jetpacks, allowing owners of these NFTs to use them in the same metaverse.

Among the 11,111 NFT avatars, there will be five different main categories. These are the “Blink”, “Disc”, “Yve”, “Aura” and “Rukus” categories, which represent different factions of characters in the upcoming AR metaverse. The Metaverse will allow players of the same and different factions to interact with each other in various ways.

Image Credit: Jadu