Blitzbox win and other successes put pressure on Box, says Ninaber

springbuck coach Jacques Ninaber praised South African rugby in general on Tuesday, after a fantastic game of rugby over the past month in different codes and age groups.

Blitzboxes challenged the chances of power gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sunday, and the South African women’s team went down in history when they beat Japan over the weekend to take their first win outside the country.

These were just two of the most recent examples showing that SA Rugby is currently in a very strong position.

“I told Rassy (Erasmus) this morning that the rugby department is one of the areas where South African rugby is currently smiling, especially after Blitzbox won the Commonwealth gold medal,” Ninaber said.

“The South African women’s team also won for the first time abroad and beat the Japanese team, who had trotted about 10 games. Going and defeating them in Japan is a huge departure from them.

“Even women’s sevens with a depleted team, with many girls playing 15th, have moved up one place better than at the last Commonwealth Games.

“So I think women’s rugby is doing well within South African rugby, it’s a big focus and we at Springbok are trying to invest as much as we can if we have free time.”

Young Stars

Junior springboks have also had recent success when they went through the Six Nations Summer Series undefeatedto lift the title in Italy by comfortably beating a number of the best youth teams in the world.

Craven Week also made a fantastic return to the South Australian rugby scene, culminating in a match between SA Schools and SA A Schools in Cape Town last month.

“I also think that junior boxing did very well and although I didn’t see the South African schools play as it was just before our test match in Cape Town, it looks like the two sides of the South African schools played well,” said Nienabeer.

“So I think there is a lot of pressure on us in general because our other teams are performing. So that puts good pressure on us. But it’s good to see that the rugby department is doing well.”