Celebrities normalize insect consumption | Armstrong Economics

Inside of me interview with Maria ZiiYou may have heard us mention the propaganda efforts to make bug eating look normal. In 2018, actress Nicole Kidman filmed a video for Vanity Fair in which she eats “microanimals” off a fancy silver plate. This is an insult to people from poor countries who have to eat bugs to survive. Notice how she uses chopsticks, a nod to some Asian cultures where this practice is not considered abnormal. Numerous celebrities stated that they include insects in their diet.

Canada has already begun to build “alternative protein factory” where they will raise crickets for human consumption. This is fully in line with Schwab’s emissions reduction program (it’s all the fault of the livestock, not the factories) and the control of the world’s population. There’s a reason they make farming difficult in first world countries.

In fact, the WEF released an article in 2021 called “Why we need to give insects the role they deserve in our food systems.” The article talks about population growth, which is a constant concern for globalists, and argues that there will not be enough farmland to grow food for the estimated 9.7 billion people who will be stuck on this planet by 2050. The article continues:

“Now we need to overcome the last major barriers: preconceived ideas about insects as a source of food and legislation with regard to the use and consumption of proteins derived from insects. The ban on the use of insect as a source of protein has begun to evolve in Europe. In 2017, the authorization of the use of insect proteins was expanded from feed for pet food to include feed for aquaculture animals. This year the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reported that mealworms are safe for human consumption and a decision is expected to be made regarding the use of insects in pork and poultry feed.”

The European Union has actually approved the use of some insects in 2021. Even Forbes published an article praising the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for taking this action. All proponents cite the same benefits, which boil down to “sustainability” and environmental conservation. Enjoy mealworms and crickets. I can’t see this as a normal menu item and refuse to consume bugs for the sake of some lunatic’s plan to rule the world.