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Good morning, and we start today by continuing to focus on Nancy Pelosi’s historic trip to Taiwan.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives vowed to “always” support the country and not “give up” on it during a meeting with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen.

“America has made a firm commitment to always support Taiwan, and this visit is a reminder of that,” Pelosi said today at the presidential office in Taipei.

The visit angered China, which announced it would begin military exercises with live fire in waters around Taiwan Thursday through Sunday after Pelosi left.

The exercise could be tantamount to blockading a country whose economic life is based on exports and heavily dependent on energy imports.

Meanwhile, the commercial implications of Pelosi’s trip have already begun. China Customs Administration suspended imports of more than 2,000 food products from Taiwan. The move was seen by observers as the start of Beijing’s campaign to punish Taipei for Pelosi’s visit.

But Tsai praised Pelosi’s visit “under such difficult circumstances” and said it bolstered public confidence in the strength of democracy in her country.

Pelosi, second in line to the presidency behind Vice President Kamala Harris, is the highest-ranking US politician to visit Taiwan in a quarter of a century. She has to leave for South Korea in the late afternoon.

Thanks for all your comments on this topic. Here’s a selection from FirstFT readers, presented ahead of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan:

“We must stand firm with Taiwan and other democratic forces in Asia against intimidation by the Chinese Communist Party.” David Tran, MD, Washington, DC

“[The visit] makes the US look weak and fragmented, with “no one in charge” in the name of democracy.” Mitchell Harris, Sunapee, New Hampshire

“It’s a slippery slope if we allow China or any other country to influence our relations with other countries.” M. L. Thompson, Illinois Central

Foreign countries should not dictate the travel plans of politicians from other countries, regardless of political considerations. Ravi Ramdas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Let Pelosi skip this trip, but if we’re serious about keeping Tawain our ally, send a bipartisan delegation this fall. Jeffrey Herrmann, St. Petersburg, Florida

Thank you for reading FirstFT Americas. Here’s the rest of the day’s news – Gordon

1. Kansas voters reject state constitutional amendment banning abortion.
According to the Associated Press, voters in Kansas overwhelming majority rejected the so-called Republican “Appreciate Them Both” amendment, which would pave the way for legislators to ban or restrict abortion in the state. For news about the midterm primaries, see our live blogwho will keep you updated as results come in.

2 Bain Was Suspended From UK Government Contracts Boston-based global management consultant hit yesterday with a three-year ban from bidding for British government contracts due to his role in the South African “state capture” scandal. The UK has become the first Western country to impose such sanctions on Bain, and the US is already under pressure to follow suit.

3. Robinhood will cut staff by 23% The brokerage company announced yesterday that it is laying off 780 employees, almost a quarter of its staff. as part of the reorganization this will result in the closure of two offices. Robinhood’s stock has fallen nearly 75% since its public listing last year as the stimulus trading boom subsided.

4. Uber reports positive cash flow for the first time There was also better news from Uber, which fixed its first quarter with positive cash flow. The taxi booking app has burned $25 billion since it was founded 13 years ago in a bid for rapid global expansion, but reported yesterday that it had made $382 million in the three months to the end of June.

5. Chesapeake, the discoverer of shale deposits, refuses oil The company most associated with the dramatic ups and downs of the US shale industry is embarking on yet another gamble: it plans to sell valuable oil assets and double down on US natural gas. Demand for U.S. LNG exports skyrocketed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions on oil and gas from Russia.

The next day

OPEC+ meeting Oil-producing countries are meeting today to determine production levels after pressure from the US and other Western countries to increase production and lower prices ahead of northern hemisphere winter. Oil prices hovered around $100 a barrel ahead of the meeting.

Economic data Durable goods orders rose 1.1% in June from 1.6% in the previous month, according to economists polled by Refinitiv. Orders for durable goods unexpectedly rose in June due to a surge in orders for military aircraft and parts. But activity in the services sector is expected to weaken in July, according to the non-manufacturing index of the Institute of Supply Management.

Company income Biotech company Moderna, pharmacy chain CVS, media company The New York Times, sportswear company Under Armor and biotech group Regneron are among those reporting earnings before the call today. E-commerce site eBay, cleaning products maker Clorox, and insurance companies Allstate and MetLife all reported after the Wall Street shutdown.

ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting Southeast Asian foreign ministers will gather in Phnom Penh today to discuss the violence in Myanmar, the war in Ukraine and Beijing’s growing ambitions in the region. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are planning to attend.

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What else do we read

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HFRI fund weighted composite annual change (%) bar chart showing hedge funds bracing for a sharp fall in 2022

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food, drink

Carbonated water has been enchanting people since ancient times, writes Alice Lascelles, who best H2O bubble reviews for HTSI.

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