“I’m still the CEO of Royal AM,” says an offended Mnisi, scolding MaMkhize.

Sinky Mnisi has criticized media reports saying he has been removed from his position at Royal AM, of which he is the chief executive.

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However, the veteran football administrator admitted he had been out of work for some time and would take “special leave” to recuperate.

Mnisi claims that the widespread reports of his suspension affected him emotionally and physiologically.

The news of Mnisi’s disqualification was published Detachment Mgosi Phakaati at the beginning of July. When recently asked about the suspension, Royal AM President Sean “MaMkhize” Mkhize was unable to give a direct answer.

“For the record, all of these accusations made against me are factually false. Without content and with malicious intent,” Mnisi said.

He spoke at a press conference he convened in his capacity as CEO of Royal AM. However, it turned out that Royal AM was unaware of the conference.

When Newsroom Afrika journalists called MaMkhize, she called the event “fake news”, which made Mnisi excited.

“I had high hopes that the president of Royal AM would refute (the suspension claims) and distance himself from these allegations.

“This is especially because some publications have cited her as the source of the allegations.

“When she was directly asked about my alleged suspension, she did not categorically deny that I was not suspended,” Mnisi added.

“I have been silent for a long time to give the President of Royal AM the opportunity to clarify the allegations made against me in the media.

“However, despite the fact that she knew that everything that was said about me in the media was wrong, she did not take the opportunity to put an end to it.

“She allowed the journalists to judge my reputation, find her guilty and hang her. I am hurt, insulted, humiliated and most of all disappointed given the sacrifice, dedication and effort I have had to put in to make Royal AM a success. “

Mnisi also denied making important club decisions without the permission of MaMkhize or her son Andile Mpisane, who is the club’s chairman.

Mnisi claimed to have documents showing the connection he maintained with MaMhize even when she was on holiday abroad.

“Here (he said, waving a stack of documents) is all the evidence of my communication with the president of Royal AM …

“But I won’t report it to the media because I don’t want this issue to turn into Muvhango or 7nde Laan,” he said.

Mnisi said he would not be returning to the club any time soon as he took time off to recover.

“The events of recent months regarding my alleged suspension, accusations (and) dismissal by Royal AM have damaged my reputation.

“I took legal advice not to respond to media statements regarding my alleged suspension, charges and dismissal. I decided to wait until the storm subsided and then respond comprehensively once and for all.”