Most notable suspensions in the NFL

defender Deshawn Watson was suspended on Monday for six games. for violating NFL policy on personal conduct and was not fined, ending a 15-month league investigation into sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him by more than two dozen women.

It was the first disciplinary decision by an NFL player to be addressed through the arbitration process set out in the 2020 collective bargaining agreement, which aimed to strengthen a system that has been criticized for inconsistencies and potential conflicts of interest.

Since Roger Goodell became NFL commissioner in 2006, he has taken a stricter stance on player penalties than his predecessors, imposing some of the longest player suspensions in league history. The personal conduct policy includes provisions to punish players, even if their violations did not result in a criminal conviction.

But while Goodell once wielded unilateral power in disciplinary action, policy revision in load decade transferred part of the process to third parties. Watson’s punishment was handed down by a retired federal judge approved jointly by the league and the players’ union. But Goodell, or whoever he appoints, will have the final say if the league appeals the decision.

Here are some of the more notable NFL player suspensions during Goodell’s tenure as commissioner: