Web3 Gaming Platforms: Spacebar Platform

AO Labs, a virtual development studio, has announced a successful $4.5M funding round that it will use to develop the Gap Platform. The space will become a vast web hub for gamers and blockchain fans alike, offering features such as community interaction, game connectivity, and several potential types of monetization. The platform should be decentralized, “public” and open source.

Other than these points, AO Labs hasn’t released any details about the Spacebar platform. However, the company has stated that Spacebar will be a casual sci-fi game set in space. The gaming platform will allow players to form in-game alliances and guilds to conquer the gap world. Juni Koo, one of the platform’s founders, stated, “Probel truly believes that a game that is both fun and built with the community can lead to the mainstream adoption of Web 3 and crypto.”

Image Credit: AO Laboratories