Woman in critical condition after setting herself on fire

BAY CO., Michigan, (WNEM) – According to Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham, a 51-year-old woman is in critical condition with severe burns after allegedly setting herself and her house on fire.

On Saturday, July 30, representatives of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office approached the Oakland Mobile Home Park in Williams Township for help from the Midland County Sheriff’s Office. The 51-year-old woman, who lived in the mobile home park, violated the ban on contact with her 76-year-old mother after formally withdrawing from a domestic dispute between her and her mother, Cunningham said.

The deputies of both responding departments tried to talk to the woman, but to no avail. According to Cunningham, the police saw through the window how the woman poured a flammable liquid on herself and on the floor and set it on fire.

According to Cunningham, the deputies kicked out the door in the trailer and were brought back in flames, which quickly engulfed the trailer.

Two assistants managed to get the woman out of the burning building, Cunningham said, adding that the trailer was completely lost.

The woman was taken to a local hospital in Midland. She was later taken to Hurley Medical Center, where she is in critical condition with severe burns, Cunningham said.