1 year later, the venomous Grande Prairie cobra still hasn’t been seen.

SOMEONE, North Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A year has passed and there is still no sign of the elusive West African striped cobra that escaped from its cage in Grande Prairie.

The area surrounding Cherry Street was put on high alert after news spread on August 1 of a highly venomous cobra. February 3, 2022. She was six feet long at the time.

Despite the efforts of law enforcement and the Grand Prairie Animal Service, as well as a specialist in the detention of poisonous snakes, he was never found. DFW Wildlife Management set traps to catch the snakebut to no avail.

You saw me? Real photo of the missing cobra. (courtesy of the Grande Prairie Police Department)

Considered the largest of Africa’s true cobras, this snake species can grow up to 10 feet and is often kept in zoos, research institutes, and private collections.

CBS 11 News addressed the wayward snake owner, Lawrence Matlwho was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after the incident. Matl said at the time that he believed the snake was dead and society was not in danger.

However, the body was never found. Since then, there have been no reports of sightings.

“I wanted my community to feel safe. And yes, it is necessary. I have to, as a permitted citizen, call my community if something happens,” he said.

Lawrence Matl was arrested for the loss of a deadly cobra in August 2021. (Photo: Grande Prairie Police)

Matl keeps the snake in a makeshift wooden cage with plexiglass. According to his arrest warrant, there were no locks on the cage. Despite this, Matl told investigators that he did not know how she escaped. He just fed her and left the room for 15 minutes before returning the same day to find an empty cage.

According to the arrest warrant, an expert from a local wildlife removal company told investigators that there was not enough cage for such a highly venomous snake.

Also, a local ordinance prohibits the possession of wild animals within the city.

BUT Twitter account impersonating a cobra went viral shortly after the incident. Facebook and TikTok pages were also affected. Based on her social media imprint, she is a fan of the Cowboys, goes by the nickname “Cory” and has an ongoing Twitter feud with the attention-hungry Grande Prairie possum.

Although the snake hasn’t tweeted recently, the species can live up to 20 years in the wild, according to the Smithsonian’s National Institute of Zoo Biology and Conservation. So maybe she’s alive.

While she is undeniably dangerous, members of her species prefer to run away unless provoked. Despite their aggressive reputation, cobras are actually much more wary than many smaller snakes. The cobra only attacks humans when cornered, either in self-defense or to protect its eggs.

Anyone who sees the snake is advised to call 911 and (obviously) not to approach or pick it up.