Dognapper Lady Gaga sentenced to 4 years in prison

The man accused of shooting Lady Gaga’s dog owner and stealing her French bulldogs in 2021 pleaded not guilty to second-degree robbery on Wednesday and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Jaylene White, 20, in a plea deal that dismissed charges of attempted murder and conspiracy, admitted in court that an accomplice was armed when they attacked dog walker Ryan Fisher in Los Angeles and seriously injured him. if they ran away with the dogs.

White is the first of three men charged in the February riots. On February 24, 2021, a sentence will be passed for dog hunting. Two others are charged with attempted fraud to obtain a reward for the return of stolen dogs.

Surveillance video showed Fischer walking Gaga’s three dogs when he was confronted by at least two men who demanded that he “surrender”. Fischer resisted and was wounded in the chest. The attackers left with GagaDogs Koji and Gustav. A third pet was found near the spot where Fischer was shot.

Fischer stated in court that he had lost part of his lung and was still experiencing breathing and mobility problems. by Rolling Stone.

The missing dogs were reunited with Gaga days after the crime, when a woman named Jennifer McBride claimed to have found them and brought them back to the police station to inquire about Lady Gaga’s $500,000 reward. It was later revealed that she was dating White’s father, Harold, and both were arrested on charges of complicity ex post facto in attempted murder.

The other defendants accused of stealing the dogs are 18-year-old James Jackson and 27-year-old Lafayette Whaley. Los Angeles Sheriff in April due to what he called a “clerical error” was discovered this week.

Earlier, police said the attackers did not know the dogs belonged to Gaga and targeted the French Bulldogs for their value.