Mini portable dry cleaners: SUMJET

SUMJET is a portable, chemical-free dry cleaner. The pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of hygiene and pay attention to it, and SUMJET is addressing these issues. The mini device cleans fabrics and objects and can even kill dust mites. It’s natural, dry, easy to use, and can clean just about anything.

SUMJET is ideal for removing fungus, mold and odors. Due to its high temperature heating options, it can also kill bed bugs. It is the ideal cleaner for cleaning furniture and wall surfaces without getting wet. The device can also be used as a garment steamer. It’s perfect for last-minute or on-the-go ironing of shirts and suits. SUMJETS’ compact size sets it apart from other cleaners. It is affordable for every family, sustainable and is the only cleaner you need.

Image credit: SUMJET