Not at the right level

AGGRESSIVELY mediocre is the only way to describe gray manNetflix’s latest blockbuster.

Based on the 2009 novel by Mark Greaney. gray man sees CIA assassin Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling) on ​​the run after coming into contact with a storage device that contains information about the corruption behind a high-ranking CIA official.

To effectively hunt down Six, the CIA hires former agent-turned-mercenary Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans).

Because of Hansen’s real insanity, Six finds herself in several near-death situations that result in the death of countless others.

Honestly, gray man it’s the kind of movie you play on TV during a family gathering so that your Steven Seagal-era straight-to-DVD action uncle sits quietly watching it instead of bothering everyone else with his clumsy “jokes.”

About star power

It’s amazing how this movie was made by the same team behind the most successful Marvel Studios films. The Russo Brothers directed the film from a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

However, despite their experience in military and spy action films, they gray manwhich is like a cheap action movie from a bygone era, except it was made for US$200 million (RM891.3 million).

Most of the budget likely went to getting the Russo brothers to bring in (primarily) Gosling, as well as the stellar cast that supported him, like Ana de Armas, and the brothers’ Marvel co-creator Chris Evans.

Fortunately, obviously expensive casting is where gray man shines the brightest.

Gosling plays mostly straight, like a stoic Six, which is pretty much in line with his style Drive as well as Only God forgives. Although he occasionally delivers cheeky one-liners, it is Evans who takes the film’s comedy to the next level.

Abandoning the Boy Scout Captain America persona, Evans once again takes on the role of many of the slippery characters he portrayed in the early days of his career and becomes a true porn mustachioed villain in gray man.

Evans spends the time of his life playing Lloyd, pulling out his nails, shooting cripples, scattering children, all the while looking like a sleazy adult movie director in gaudy polo shirts and white pants.

Like the main characters, Ana’s character is also a one-dimensional spy, but her acting enhances that, especially when she starts running at full speed with a rocket and grenade launcher strapped to her back.

Anyway, her role here is a good snack when she leads Ballerina, John Wick spin off.

Medium fighter

The rest of the budget most likely went to visual effects and then set and costume design, with the visual effects, editing, and action scenes in particular making the film cheap.

In one sequence with a train, several cars, lots of bullets, typical bad guys and Gosling, visual effects (digital smoke and dust), incomprehensible editing and brutal camera shake, the whole scene was painful to watch.

In another episode, a plane explodes while Gosling’s character is fighting a few common thugs, and good luck trying to figure out what’s going on with the camera, which suffers from whiplash every second.

gray man has many sequences of actions. The big ones are terrible, but the small ones with close combat are worthy, like the fight between Gosling and Ana against Kollywood actor Dhanush.

If it’s not clear at the moment, gray man suffers because he can’t decide what he wants to be, be it a writer or an action movie.

You can almost hear the sound of the movie: “We’re going to big action like Connection movies? Or are we going to use smaller action sequences like this one? John Wick movies? Is it an action comedy with Evans’ incredible character? Or is it a serious action movie in which how many people are shot, maimed and blown up?”

gray man doesn’t know, because it exists in the action gray zone, never being one thing, because it’s the product of everything else stacked on top of each other.