Programmable one-button keyboards: keyboard with macros

Megalodon has launched a new product in the Drop online store called the Macro Knob Pad. This is a standalone four-key keyboard available in three colors. Each of the color options is muted and subtle: grey, green and white. Macro Knob Pad is for PC users who need a little extra customization and functionality beyond what their keyboard can provide.

The keyboard features four VIA-enabled buttons and one VIA-enabled knob that can be configured to perform any desired key function. To further increase the level of customization, the Macro Knob Pad is hot swappable, allowing customers to swap out both keycaps and switches.

Megalodon’s Macro Knob Pad is ideal for live broadcasts, as four keys can be programmed to change visual scenes, and the knob can be configured to control various functions such as playing or microphone volume.

Image Credit: Fall