Taiwan: China’s military exercises could help it work out an attack

Kinmen Island, a Taiwanese-controlled island just over six miles off the coast of China, reported that on Wednesday evening, flying objects of unknown origin – probably drones – flew overhead. Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said its website was paralyzed by denial-of-service cyberattacks late Wednesday night.

China is trying to shore up its influence in Taiwan by stepping up containment measures following Ms. Taiwan’s visit. Pelosi praised the islanders for taking a strong stance against Beijing, several Chinese analysts said.

“The trend of outside powers exploiting Taiwan to contain China is becoming more and more evident,” Wu Yongping, a professor at Beijing’s Tsinghua University studying Taiwan, said in written responses to questions. “In response, the Chinese government launched unprecedented military operations.”

One of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s exercise zones is located off the east coast of Taiwan, at the furthest point from mainland China. When China conducted terrifying military exercises off the coast of Taiwan 25 years ago during a geopolitical crisis, the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA, didn’t go that far.

“This is a deliberate message meant to highlight the PLA’s increased ability to project force further away from the Chinese mainland, and is a visible signal that China may encircle the island,” he said. Brian Hart, Fellow at the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “It will also make it harder to get to and around the island from all directions.”

Global Times, swaggering nationalist Chinese newspaper, raised the opportunity missiles fired from the mainland into this eastern zone in an arc over Taiwan. “If the Taiwanese military responds, the Liberation Army might well be able to catch a turtle in a jar,” Zhang Xuefeng, a Chinese commentator, told the newspaper, using a Chinese proverb for “catching prey is easy.”