The Sims 4 update accidentally turned on incest – and gamers are outraged

From anxious demon babies to accidental exposureThe Sims has had quite a few annoying glitches in the long history of the simulation video game series.

However, one last ill-advised gaffe is sure to spark a rather awkward family conversation.

Sims 4 players recently reported that after a free game update on July 26th that added new features such as body hair and new wishes and fears, some playable Sims are now hunting their family members. Kotaku reports.

Players on Reddit and others platforms began to feverishly share terrifying screenshots through social networks, calling for inappropriate incestuous desires which make the mother, brother, and sister characters lust after each other.

The bizarre glitch has also been reported to cause your characters to rapidly age automatically and move on to the next stage of their lives after only a few minutes of play.

“I opened the house and played for about 10 minutes and when I got back to my house everyone was aged. Kids are teenagers and young people are almost elsewhere,” one player reported on Sims Community Website.

Last week, a spokesperson for the long-standing Electronic Arts video game series issued a statement about unexpected errors on the official website. The Sims Twitter account.

“Hey Simmers! We are currently investigating cases of auto-aging of Sims in saves using short or long lifespans. We recommend temporarily playing or creating new saves with a ‘normal’ default lifespan as we work on a solution” the statement says.

Quality designer from The Sims 4 Live Operations team. SimGuruNick also tweeted about the unintended side effects, writing “I just wanted to acknowledge that wanting to date a family member is something we know we’ve replicated ourselves, we’re working on it.”

“We want to fix this ASAP, thanks for all the bug reports, we appreciate it,” he added.

One of the latest updates to the popular game also added the ability for players to choose their pronounsincluding them/them, she/she or he/him.

HuffPost has reached out to Electronic Arts for additional comments.