US-Mexico border: The Coast Guard captured 40 sharks that were illegally caught by a lunch boat crew off the coast of Texas.

Corpus Christie, TX (CTRC) — The crew of the lunch boat was stopped and detained from 40 sharks that were illegally caught in federal waters off south Texas, according to the Coast Guard.

The video above is from ABC13’s 24/7 livestream.

On Tuesday, officials responded to reports of four illegal fishermen aboard a lunch boat about seven miles north of the maritime boundary line.

The crew of Coast Guard cutter Edgar Culbertson said they launched a 26-foot boat that was going over the horizon and seized illegal fishing gear, and 40 sharks were found on board Luncha.

Coast Guard officials reportedly detained four fishermen and handed them over to border guards for clearance.

Lancha is a fishing boat used by Mexican fishermen, 20 to 30 feet long with a thin profile. It has one outboard motor and is capable of traveling at over 30 miles per hour.

Lanchas are often used to transport illegal drugs to the US and illegal fishing in the United States Exclusive Economic Zone near the US-Mexico border in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you witness suspicious activity or illegal fishing in state waters (up to nine miles offshore), you are strongly encouraged to contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Operation Thief at 1-800-792-GAME (4263).

In the event of suspicious activity or illegal fishing in federal waters (up to 200 miles from shore), contact the US Coast Guard at 361-939-0450.

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