3D printed rockets for space exploration: nose launchers x

X-Bow Launch Systems is a new player in the space travel and space exploration industry that has recently turned into a stealth company. Since coming out of stealth mode, X-Bow has successfully completed its first orbital test flight of its Bolt rocket. Bolt is a modular launch vehicle mostly made up of 3D printed materials.

X-Bow aimed not only to enter the space travel market, but to completely disrupt the industry. So the company’s Bolt rocket was made using a much more cost-effective and energy-efficient process that uses spacecraft-level 3D printing. According to X-Bow, the additive manufacturing process is “significantly more cost-effective” than the methods of major competitors.

The orbital test flight was made possible through a partnership between X-Bow Launch Systems and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Both companies expressed their positive opinion about the partnership and what success means in the future.

Image Credit: X-Bow Launch Systems