Dorsey set to return to Open Division playoffs

Football coach Dorsey Stafon Johnson believes the Dons are ready to return to the city’s top division, the Open Division.

“I really believe that we have athletes and willpower,” he said. “If we can stay healthy, we can become a dangerous team.”

Back to the Dons is All City running back Jawun Lewis Jr., Johnson’s nephew, who weighs 225 pounds. Leading 340-pound junior Yamari Stevens and 305-pound junior Michael Anderson.

Chad Sabal, who came from Hawkins, and Jeremy Olufulme, who came from Cathedral, are fast receivers/defenders. Returnee Semai Dunn will also be hit receiver.

The quarterback will be Ciel Miles, a transfer from Gardena Serra.

Johnson said the roster has reached 58 players this week and continues to grow. The Dons will have a youth varsity team this season.

Johnson also added his former Dorsey teammate Chris Matthews, who played in the NFL, to his coaching staff.