The NFL is back! The preseason begins with the Las Vegas Raiders crushing the understaffed Jacksonville Jaguars.

2022 seasons The preseason kicked off Thursday with a typical Hall of Famer curtain up, signaling the start of another season of drama, excitement, and the highest level of skill imaginable.

And it was the perfect start to life in a new home for Josh McDaniels, the new head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, who joined the team in January after a long, trophy-rich spell with the New England Patriots.

His Raiders beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 27–11, ruining Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson’s debut game on his debut.

It was a homecoming victory for Jacksonville native McDaniels, who was returning to Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, where he once played for Canton McKinley High School, patrolling the touchlines he watched his father, Tom McDaniels, coach almost two decades.

Josh McDaniels watches the first half of the match against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
“Very grateful that I had (the chance)” – McDaniels. said after. “This is the first time I’ve been in this Hall of Fame game in 22 years. To be able to do this with him here, my family and the many people who have helped me along the way, I think it was a very special evening. for them.

“You never know if you will get the opportunity again. I really enjoyed her. It was a good opportunity for all of us and I think we all enjoyed it.”

In a game without most of both teams’ starting lineups, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and star wide receiver Davante Adams were eliminated, while the Jaguars posted a list of 21 players who would not play, including second-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence. . up to more minor players to step up.

And, like many preseason games without star players, it wasn’t the smoothest thing to do.

Snoop Conner was caught by Kendal Vickers, Andrew Billings and Tashon Bauer.

No. This year’s 1st overall pick, Travon Walker, was called for a rough pass penalty against Raiders quarterback Jarrett Stidham in the very first game after the scrimmage. Walker revealed why he was picked first, although he picked up the sack later in the game.

However, the players had opportunities to shine, as rookie running back Zamir White showed, rushing for 52 yards and adding 23 more yards in the air.

And it was the Raiders’ rush that really broke through the Jaguars’ defense, ending the game with a total rush for 159 yards and three rushing touchdowns; one each from Stidham, Austin Walter and Amir Abdullah.

Raiders forward Daniel Carlson was also flawless from the field, adding two field goals and three extra points.

Jaguars running back Nathan Cottrell scored his team’s only touchdown of the night, catching a pass from Kyle Slaughter in the end zone.

Josh Thompson expands to convert a third loss when Sam Webb forced him out of bounds in the first half.

After the game, Pederson praised the efforts of his team, which lacked many players in the starting lineup.

“I think overall the effort has been really good,” Pederson said. said. “We just need to clean up the mess. There were too many small mistakes.”

He added: “We made sure that everyone played this game. If we move forward there will be a little more starting players and guys that we think will be on the 53 player roster if we go.”