Ukrainians join the Czech troupe to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe festival

Despite the turmoil at home, for these Ukrainian circus performers, the show must go on.

After months of uncertainty, they are back on stage for one last rehearsal before the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which kicks off this week in Scotland.

The troupe will join Czech performers for the new show Boom by the Prague circus group Cirk La Putyka.

Its director, Rosta Novak, said that it was a difficult time for Ukrainian artists.

“They are alone, without parents, in Prague for almost half a year. On the second day after the start of the war, the Czech circus offered help to the Kyiv Circus Academy, and we scattered 240 students around Europe. “

Helping hand

More than 200 performing artists have left Ukraine. At the start of the war, circus troupes throughout Europe opened their doors to acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and other performers. Many have had to leave their families behind and their story has inspired this new show.

“This is a real story about our relationship, about our generation, about what binds us. This is a circus, this is our generation and this is a war,” said Ukrainian performer Kaita Smirnova.

The show is about young people aged 14 to 32. It explores how smart technology has changed an entire generation and wonders if young people can live without it. It also shows how technology has helped bring people together during the conflict.

The Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, opens on Friday and runs through August 29th.