Military warns of preemptive air strikes on Gaza

Sirens sounded in Tel Aviv, Israel on Saturday after the Israeli military said members of the Islamic Jihad had launched rockets near the border with Gaza.

The recent escalation has been described as the worst since the 11-day conflict in May 2021, when the Israeli military threatened to “launch a preventive operation” on Saturday.

This happened after the Israeli military Airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Friday and again on Saturday. As a result of the air strike, a five-story building was destroyed.

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Fifteen Palestinians, including a five-year-old girl, Alaa Abdullah Qaddum, were killed and 120 wounded. Ministry of Health of Palestine.

Eyewitnesses said Caddum had a pink bow in her hair and a gash on her forehead as her body was carried by her father at the funeral.

UK ‘supports Israel’

On Saturday British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Britain “supports Israel and its right to self-defence”.

“We condemn the shooting of civilians by terrorist groups and the violence that has resulted in casualties on both sides. We call for an early end to the violence.”

Truss did not acknowledge the deaths of Palestinians as a result of the Israeli attack on Gaza.

South African response

Meanwhile, the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) condemned Israel’s attacks on Gaza, saying:

“Of particular serious concern is the statement by the Israeli military that the operation will ‘take a long time’ and that the ongoing attacks continue to put innocent civilians at serious risk.”

Dirko said Israel “has special obligations in terms of international human rights and humanitarian law, which it continues to violate without being held accountable.”

“There is an urgent need to solve the problem of killing children by the Israeli government”.

Gaza Palestine
A fireball and smoke erupt from an Israeli airstrike on a building in Gaza City on August 6, 2022. Photo: AFP/Ashraf Amra

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Palestinian children deserve safety

Back in July, Minister Pandor addressed Conference of Heads of Palestinian Missions in Africaemphasizing the plight of children during the war.

She said ongoing human rights violations in Gaza “reiterate that such violations only serve to fuel hatred.”

She said Israel would find no security “in annexing all Palestinian territories, imprisoning Palestinians, or continuing to blockade Gaza.”

<<Скорее всего, это мирный и стабильный сосед, суверенное и независимое палестинское государство, чьи дети, как и израильские дети, могут ходить в школу, играть, посещать места отправления культа и участвовать в спортивных мероприятиях в условиях мира и безопасности>>.

Israeli airstrike on Gaza
Smoke and fire rise over Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip during an Israeli airstrike on August 5, 2022. Photo: AFP/Youssef Massoud

No ceasefire negotiations

According to AFPAn Israeli military spokesman said his forces were “preparing for an operation that will last a week,” adding that the army “is not currently negotiating a ceasefire.”

Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, Mohammed al-Hindi, said “the battle is just beginning.”

Islamic Jihad reacts in a limited way and thus prevents the occupiers (Israeli military) from intensifying their air strikes,” said Mohammed al-Hindi.

Images and quotes from Israeli military spokesman and jihadist leader Mohammed al-Hindi of AFP.