‘No wonder’: Raleigh couple found racially motivated slurs on front sidewalk

ROLEY, NC (WTVD) — Racist slurs have disappeared from the sidewalk in front of Matt Moore’s house, but the damage has already been done. A neighbor in Renaissance Park made a shocking discovery during a morning walk.

“I feel like recently people have been able to say the quiet part out loud and not pay any price for it,” said Matt Moore.

The vandals spray-painted: “Lives don’t matter.” They also destroyed one side of a sign in his courtyard.

“No wonder our Black Lives Matter sign has been stolen twice in the past two years,” he said.

Neighbors like Matt Jorgenson have plenty of other signs in their garage that could be replaced.

“That’s what the community does. We are all for inclusiveness, for inclusiveness, for everyone, and everyone should be here,” Jorgenson said.

Another neighbor, Amy Crum, says there is no place for hate in their community.

“We’re going to double down. Everyone will have the same sign as Matt. Some of us make double signs,” she said.

Moore filed a police report and no one was arrested.

He turns the negative into a positive by donating $500 to the Black Voters Matter fund in honor of the vandals, and his neighbors are planning to do the same.

“Whoever did this, it’s on you,” Moore said. “Congratulations”.

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