‘Outstanding’ prostitute Malcolm Marks turns 50

springbuck Prostitute Malcolm Marks made 50 Test matches for Bok in style, delivering an epic performance that was named Man of the Match in their impressive 26-10 Rugby Championship win above All black at Mbombela Stadium on Saturday.

In a fantastic 55-minute shift, Marks was absolutely colossal in the breakdown, almost stealing the All Blacks ball at will, at the same time he also made some big carries and enjoyed a flawless night in the lineout, hitting his jumper every time.

Side coach Jacques Ninaber praised Marx for making an interesting journey to where he is now.

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“I thought he was outstanding and this is Malcolm. When we chatted in the week about his 50th and who is Malcolm, today I told him that he is the guy who enhances what a springbok is supposed to be,” Ninaber said.

“He’s a warrior and a guy who had to work hard after going from free-forward to prostitute. So he really had to work hard to get where he is now, and I’ve been working with him since the U20.

“In 2014 we first started working together and it’s phenomenal to see the guy he is now. This milestone is what it is, it’s a milestone. I hope this prepares him for the journey ahead and the next 50 test matches ahead.”

extremely proud

Captain Sia Kolisi was also very proud of Marx and shared a few words with him on the edge of the field after the game.

“I just told him how proud I was of him and just honored him. I said how happy we are for him as a team and how proud we are that he survived in such a game, ”Kolisi said.

“We never talked about him this week and he is going to be a dad soon, so it was huge. He is a special guy in our team. Faf (de Klerk) called him the team’s teddy bear and he’s always joking. But when he enters the field, he switches to someone else.

Very modest

Marks himself was very modest in his performances, preferring to praise his teammates who he felt put him in the right position to dominate the stall and enjoy an amazing day.

“It was a special event, but when there are guys like that in the team, it becomes incredible. I don’t know how else to answer it. I think the team is incredible, they make it special for you and work hard,” Marks said.

“I tried to do my job the best I could, and I think everyone around me contributed even more. I think it’s the guys around me that put me in this position. There are guys who do tackles and work hard so I can get the ball.

“So it’s not just an individual who gets the ball and makes the interception. There are a lot of other factors that come into play and allow me to do this.”