Portugal sets July heat record as severe drought continues

According to the country’s meteorological service, Portugal experienced the hottest July on record last month.

The sharp increase in temperature has exacerbated the drought in Portugal, with 45% of the mainland now classified as being in a state of “extreme drought” – the highest level of classification, and the rest of the mainland is classified as being in a state of “severe” drought, which is the second highest. classification at the end of July.

Many other parts of Western Europe also experienced heatwaves in early summer, and scientists say climate change will continue to make the weather more extreme.

According to experts, the climate of Southern Europe is changing, resembling the climate of North Africa.

The Portuguese meteorological service, known by its acronym IPMA, said July was the hottest since national records began in 1931.

The average temperature was 25.14°C, almost three degrees Celsius warmer than the expected average July temperature.

Only 3mm of rain fell on the Portuguese mainland in July, about 22% of the norm, according to IMPA.